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When deciding to relocate, it is not just the individual career path that is decisive, but also the possibilities for spouses and partners are an imporant factor to consider. Appointments of foreign researchers, in particular, often fail due to a lack of job opportunities for their partners. Individual solutions must be created to support such couples, especially when both partners are pursuing professional careers.

An increasing number of German universities and research institutions now have advisory offices specialising in dual careers. They help the partners of foreign researchers assimilate in the German job market and provide initial support.

Further Information

  • Dual Career Network Germany (DCND)
    List of Dual Career Offices at Higher Education institutions in Germany that are members of the Dual Career Network Germany (cities in alphabetical order).
  • Das Netzwerk „Dual Career Hamburg + der Norden“
    The network "Dual Career Hamburg + the North" consists of 28 scientific institutions from the metropolitan region of Hamburg, Bremen and Kiel and 7 cooperation partners from Hamburg. The central goal of the network "Dual Career Hamburg + the North" is to support science, cultural institutions and the economy in attracting top-class employees for the Hamburg metropolitan region and the north..
  • Dual Career Network Rhineland
    The Dual Career Network Rhineland consists of universities and research institutions from the Rhineland area that have combined to make targeted use of the region´s high potential, the abundance of research facilities and collaborating business enterprises in the interests of dual career couples.
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    Platform for careers in science run by duz (Independent German university newspaper)