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Joining EURAXESS Germany and Our Projects

EURAXESS Germany has been an active contributor to the EURAXESS Europe network, supporting and iniating a number of projects. On this page, you can find information on how to join the network and an overview of past and current initiatives aimed at improving the mobility of research in Europe as well as beyond.



Internationally mobile researchers need strong networks to successfully pursue a career in research. However, those who advise and support them at German higher education and research institutions also require networks.

In the context of the EU-wide initiative EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion, EURAXESS Germany provides a networking platform for researcher advisors as the German National Organisation (NO). NOs act as coordinators of the Network at national level and liaise with the EC, national governments and other organisations.

Further information can be obtained from the staff of EURAXESS Germany or the EURAXESS Web Flyer in German and English for download and print.


Projects that take up and explore core aspects of EURAXESS services are an essential of our mission. These projects fill EURAXESS with life as well as guarantee the sustainability of the network, connect EURAXSS centres across the globe and offer network members opportunities at exchange, improved support, or novel service models.