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    12/05/2019 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
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    France, Clermont-Ferrand
    Université Clermont Auvergne
    UFR Mathématiques
    Laboratoire Mathématiques Blaise Pascal

The University of Clermont Auvergne is recruiting a contractor for the role of a research professor as part of the Tenure Track CAP 20-25 system Fixed-term contract for an initial duration of three years

Applications open : Now

Applications close : 12 May 2019



START DATE : 1st September 2019

FACULTY : UFR Mathématiques

LABORATORY : Laboratoire Mathématiques Blaise Pascal

Brief teaching and research profile : Mathématiques Appliquées, Mathématiques.

Job profile : Applied Mathematics

EURAXESS research fields : Applied Mathematics

Key words : Analyse des EDP, Mécanique des fluides, Contrôle et Optimisation, Statistiques.


DETAILED RESEARCH PROFILE : Clermont-Auvergne University will open a Tenure Track position in Applied Mathematics, in the Blaise Pascal Mathematics Laboratory (LMBP, UNMR CNRS 6620). This position will be funded by the I-SITE project CAP-2025. The University expects applications from international experts in the following fields :

• Analysis and simulation of PDEs deriving from fluid mechanics ;

• Theoretical and numerical analysis of control and optimisation problems ;

• Statistical modeling and machine learning.


The hired candidate will participate in the multidisciplinary projects with which the LMBP is involved in the CAP 20-25 challenge « Innovative systems and services for transport and production » and in particular :

• Modelization of multiphasic fluids in which seeds are transported for a better understanding of the complex processes inside a seedling machine, in collaboration with IRSTEA ;

• Command control, robotics, … in collaboration with the Pascal Institute and the LIMOS ;

• Deep (bayesian) learning and applications : image analysis, video… in collaboration with the Pascal Institute, the LIMOS and IRSTEA.

Name of laboratory: Laboratoire de Mathématiques Blaise Pascal (LMBP), UMR 6620. Name of laboratory director: Julien BICHON E-mail of laboratory director: julien.bichon@uca.fr Laboratory URL: http://recherche.math.univ-bpclermont.fr/

DETAILED TEACHING PROFILE : The candidate will teach mathematics and applied mathematics at UFR Mathematics, and occasionnally in other departments. Teaching may be at the Licence level or Master, as well as in « agrégation » préparation.

Teaching faculty: UFR Mathématiques Name of director: Laurent Chupin E-mail of director: laurent.chupin@uca.fr Faculty URL, if applicable: https://maths.uca.fr/

Additional information about the job concerned can be obtained from: Arnaud Guillin Directeur Adjoint LMBP arnaud.guillin@uca.fr



Particular information about Tenure Track : The available position is for a role as a contracted research-professor, with a teaching aspect reduced to 64 tutorial hours for the first three years.

This is a fixed-term contract for an initial period of three years and can be renewed for two years after an evaluation. After these five years of probation, and in the event of a positive evaluation, an open-ended contract as a research professor will be offered. In addition, UCA is committed to opening a university professor post that would allow the successful applicant to be given tenure in a statutory post.

Remuneration will be approximately €37,000 gross per year.


Means of application, dates and process:

►Eligibility requirements:

- have a doctorate or an equivalent qualification

- have completed the doctorate or post-doctorate abroad

►Content of the application file:

The application file should include:

- the application declaration, which can be downloaded from the UCA website (Université/ travailler à l’UCA/recrutement des personnels enseignants)

- a CV giving an analytical presentation of works, publications, articles and projects

- copies of a maximum five pieces of work mentioned in the CV

- a research project limited to 30,000 characters, excluding spaces

- a copy of the doctorate or equivalent qualification

- a copy of doctorate or equivalent qualification a copy of your doctoral degree acquired abroad or a copy of your post-doctoral contrat executed abroad

- both sides of photo ID card

Please note: You must ask two respected scientists from your specialised field for a letter of recommendation, which should be sent directly to the president of the selection committee. Send only by the means indicated to : Arnaud Guillin ( arnaud.guillin@uca.fr ), Président du Comité de Sélection at the latest by : 12 May 2019.

►Candidate interview. The University will take responsibility for travel costs (mileage) for candidates selected for interview.



►Means of sending the application file to the institute: All documents included in the application file should be in PDF format and sent solely by the means indicated and, without fail, in a single compressed file (ZIP is preferred).

The file should be named as follows: “TTRACK CDD Job advert no. – Candidate’s SURNAME, first name”. E.g. TTRACK CDD 984 – DURAND Michelle

If the message with the attachment is rejected by the e-mail server (University of Clermont-Auvergne limit, 24 Mb), you can find free services online for sending large files (e.g.: https://wetransfer.com/). In this case, you then need to send the link to the recruitment department so that they can download the file.

send the file to recrutement-enseignant.drh@uca.fr no later than the application closing date : 12 May 2019 (if the message is sent before midnight, the date of receipt by the Human Resources department will be valid).

► Means of sending results to candidates: The candidates will be informed of the results of the competitive exam by the UCA Human Resources department.


ANNEX: Presentation of the Tenure Track CAP 20-25 system at UCA

Objectives of the Tenure Track CAP 20-25 system:

This system aims to allow the most technologically advanced scientific fields at the Clermont academic institute to remain/become competitive on a global scale in terms of recruitment by putting in place a specific process for becoming tenured that should remain exceptional.

Description of the system:

The Tenure Track system concerns research professor posts advertised by higher education institutes that are CAP 20-25 members. It targets a limited number of posts in the institute’s disciplinary areas of excellence, as identified by the project’s scientific challenges. It is also aimed at candidates who have completed their doctorate or post-doctorate abroad.

The system is made up of four stages.

– Stage 1: recruitment according to the provisions of Article L. 954-3 for a research professor in a fixed-term contract for three years. This includes selecting and ranking of candidates by a selection committee, followed by approval from the Academic Council of the institute where the post is advertised ;

– Stage 2: possible two-year renewal after evaluation ;

– Stage 3: move from a fixed-term contract to an open-ended contract, based on a positive evaluation at the end of the five-year probationary period and in accordance with the same processes and the same regulatory provisions as stage 1 ;

– Stage 4: Possibility of tenure in the post of university professor, which has been reserved since the start of the process, on the condition that the person concerned is qualified to be a university professor.

Renewal criteria and change to open-ended contract.

The evaluation criteria make it possible to give the candidate a scientific standing. The (quantitative and qualitative) evaluation of the candidate’s scientific production will be completed using other criteria: commitment to introducing state-of-the-art teaching and training, ability to create and lead innovative projects and contribution to the wider circulation of the research results.







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