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Recognition of Qualifications

KMK, Anabin and More - Diploma Recognition in Germany

The question of admission to universities and research institutions in Germany is not usually as relevant for academics as it is for students.  Enrolment at a German university is only necessary if you are intending to pursue a university degree in Germany. Enrolment is only possible if the original school leaving certificate you present is equivalent to the German "Abitur". Additionally, for postgraduate studies or for doctoral research, your previous degrees must also be recogised as equivalent to similar Germn degrees. 

As a rule, universities and their administrative and examination offices etc. are responsible for the recognition and crediting of academic qualifications for admission purposes. Please ask the university you are planning to enrol in whether there are any additional agreements regarding the mutual recognition of degrees that might apply to your individual case. Existing agreements can be accessed on the anabin database under "Akademische Anerkennung".

With reference to courses regulated by the state, the responsibility for recognising qualifications lies with the relevant state examination offices. Visit the website of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and see Anerkennung im Hochschulbereich (Recognition of university qualifications) for more detailed information.

In some cases, research activity is coupled with practical professional work. Please note that in Germany, some professions are subject to special legal regulations that must be fulfilled in order to practice your profession in Germany. On the anabin database, you will a list of regulated professions in Germany under "Informationen über Anerkennungs- und Beratungsstellen in Deutschland" (Responsible authorities in Germany).

Applications to have permission granted should be made as early as possible before entering Germany. Visit the website of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and see Anerkennung im beruflichen Bereich (Recognition of professional qualifications) for more detailed information. It is important to note that the recognition of academic or professional qualifications is often a prerequisite for visas allowing employment to be issued. 

Further Information

Recognition in Germany

This portal provides up-to-date information on the legal basis and procedure for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications and on the authorities that are responsible for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad.

Central Office for Foreign Education

The Central Office for Foreign Education is the central point in Germany for evaluating foreign qualifications. This includes school and vocational qualifications as well as university qualifications.

Anabin (in German)

The anabin Database documents the education systems of about 180 countries and provides information on institutions of higher education, types of degree and degrees, as well as extensive background information. Please note that not all courses that are equivalent to German degrees are listed here.


Network of National Academic Recognition Information Centres in the Member States of the European Union, the countries of the European Economic Area and associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe.