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Research Field
Formal sciences



You will develop knowledge and skills in several general areas of algebraic, geometric and enumerative combinatorics, including polytope theory, poset theory and symmetric function theory.

You will also gain high level expertise related to the specific areas of alternating sign matrices and plane partitions, including connections with integrable statistical mechanical models, fully packed loop configurations, dynamical algebraic combinatorics, lattice path techniques, and determinant and Pfaffian evaluations.

Furthermore, substantial experience in the use of a computer algebra system, such as Mathematica, would be acquired.

We are interested in pursuing this project and welcome applications if you are self-funded or have funding from other sources, including government sponsorships or your employer.

What is funded

This is a self funded project.

How to Apply

Applicants should apply to the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

In the research proposal section of your application, please specify the project title and supervisors of this project and copy the project description in the text box provided. In the funding section, please select the ’self -funding’ option and specify that you are applying for the Combinatorics project.


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Cardiff University
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