FAQ on accident insurance

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If the researcher has an employment contract and is subject to German social security regulations, then he/she will be entitled to cover under the statutory German accident insurance scheme. The university must submit an accident report to the insurance provider. In the case of state universities this is the accident insurance scheme of the respective Federal state. The researcher will then receive accident insurance benefits in accordance with the Social Security Code VII ("Sozialgesetzbuch VII").

The same is true for a fellowship holder if he/she has been registered at the university as a student because the statutory accident insurance scheme covers students whilst they are engaged in training or education at institutions of higher education.

In the exceptional circumstance that a foreign researcher is not liable for social security contributions in Germany, but is in his or her own country, consideration should be given to filing an accident report in that country. It should be noted that, both in this case or in cases where the fellowship holder is not registered at a university, it is advisable to obtain private insurance cover that expressly includes laboratory accidents. The individual researcher is generally responsible for obtaining personal accident insurance cover. However, the research institution or fellowship donor may voluntarily decide to provide insurance cover for the researcher.

Employees and students at the university are automatically covered by statutory accident insurance in the course of teaching, research and study-related events. However, some of the participants, for example employees and students at other universities who are categorised as "guests" and family members, do not belong to this group. Furthermore, excursions, family afternoons, regular get-togethers and guided tours are not usually classified as teaching, research and study-related events. Therefore, there is no accident insurance cover.

If wished, additional private accident and third-party liability insurance cover could be obtained for these events. The costs could then be divided up amongst the participants.

When registering for an event, it is also possible to ask participants to sign an agreement stating that they are taking part at their own risk and on their own responsibility and that they accept the extensive exclusion of liability on the part of the organisers.


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