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EURAXESS Research Landscape - ©, Shutterstock, 2016

Kooperation International

The website of the project "Kooperation International" offers reports on research landscapes in over 40 different countries.

Kooperation International (in German)



EURAXESS Services is a network of over 500 centres located in 40 European countries. These centres help researchers and their families to plan and organise a stay in another country. Now, there are staff all over Europe you can turn to for support. Use the following link to find contacts.


EURAXESS - Researchers in motion

EURAXESS Worldwide

EURAXESS Links is a networking tool for European researchers, scientists and scholars abroad. EURAXESS Worldwide exists in ASEAN, Latin America & the Caribbean, China, India, Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand and North America.

It keeps European researchers in these regions fully informed of EU research policies, career opportunities in Europe and opportunities for collaboration with Europe. In addition to e-mail alerts, an e-newsletter and the web forum, networking events are organised on a regular basis.

EURAXESS Worldwide


International Dual Career Network (IDCN)

IDCN is a non-profit association formed through the collaboration of companies, NGOs and academic institutions with the purpose of facilitating the job search for mobile employees’ partners, and providing member companies access to a talent pool.


Useful links

Alumniportal Deutschland

The Alumniportal Deutschland is a web-service which is free of charge. It is carried out by six organisations from the field of international cooperation and financed by the German Federal Government. It offers “Germany-Alumni” an opportunity of securing and expanding their acquired contacts and expertise, and of using them for their personal and professional development.

Alumniportal Deutschland