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Culture and language of Germany


Information about Germany

Visit the following websites for information on German politics and business, culture and society and many other topics:


    The "Facts about Germany" website provides up-to-date information on German politics, business, culture, history and society. The website is maintained by the publisher, Societäts-Verlag, in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office.

    The Deutschland Portal is the central, non-commercial access point to Germany on the Internet. It provides commented link lists in six languages, bundles high-quality German nternet portals and is the virtual international calling card for the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Research in Germany 

    You will find a wealth of information about Germany in the  "Living in Germany"  section on the Research in Germany page.
  • Visit Germany 

    The Deutsche Welle website provides details and recommendations on how best to discover Germany in all its variety.

Language courses

Language is the key to the culture of a country. And even if it is often possible to communicate in English at research institutions, a stay in Germany is composed not of work, but also of daily life and leisure. For this reason, it is generally a good idea to acquire some basic German knowledge even before arriving in Germany. Language courses are offered in numerous German towns from a variety of providers.


Further information:

  • Language courses, examinations, material etc.

    The Goethe-Institut provides information on language courses, exams, material, in-service training courses, institutions and research.

  • Online language courses

    Deutsche Welle, the German broadcasting service, provides free online German language courses consisting of learning materials in various audio, video and written formats.

    Deutsche Welle 
  • Language courses, summer schools, etc.

    The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has short information on language courses, summer schools and German exams as well as FAQs and links to further resources around academic opportunities in Germany.

    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 
  • Course database from adult education centres (Volkshochschulen)

    The course database "vhs-Kursfinder" provides lists of courses offered by adult education centres ("Volkshochschulen") in Germany. Here you can search for German courses in your immediate vicinity.