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Substitutive private health insurance coverage for scholarship holders in Germany


In 2019, a working group was formed within the German EURAXESS network to work on specific topics that have been identified as very relevant to the daily work of advisors for mobile international reseachers. Part of the working group focuses on the topic of health insurance and has developed an overview and a chatbot to explore possible health insurance options for guest scientists and international scholarship holders from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.


For most cases in which a public health insurance cannot be taken*, the working group come to the recommendation of concluding a substitutive private health insurance for a stay of more than 90 days (the so-called “substitutive Krankenvollversicherung”). Alternatives to substitutive health insurances usually have limited coverage and may not qualify as being legally sufficient as defined in the Residence Act.

Several providers offer a substitutive health insurance that qualifies as sufficient, but only a few tailor them to the special need of guest scientists and foreign scholarship holders.

The overview of substitutive health insurance options for international scholarship holders from outside the EU/EEA below has been devloped by the working group.

To identify which provider is suitable for your individual needs, you may also acess the chatbot by following the link below:




The chatbot takes your individual situation into account (i.e. age, profession, country of origin, duration of stay, family situation etc.) and provides and exploration-result** based on the following substitutive private health insurance options:


Name tariff (Insurer) 

DeGiS - Care Concept
(Hanse Merkur)


 DAAD 790D


Acceptance group

Open for every scholarship holder

Open for guest scientists (guest researcher, doctoral and post-doctoral candidates etc.) who are self-funded or holding a scholarship

Open for every scholarship holder from DAAD partner universities

Open for every scholarship holder

 Acceptance age

 Up to 34 years

No age limits

 No age limits

 Up to 64 years

 Acceptance health condition

Detailed health questionnaire. Premium surcharges, exlusions or rejection with severe pre-existing conditions

Rejection of customers with the following pre-existing conditions in the past 3 years: HIV, cancer, kidney failure, blood disease or multiple sclerosis, alcohol/drug abuse, bronchial asthma, gastrointestinal disorder, depression, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, heart disease, neurodermatitis, rheumatic disease, stroke, brain damage, lung disease, spinal and joint disorder, liver disease, or if in need of medical care

Rejection with the following pre-conditions: HIV, cancer, kidney failure, blood disease or multiple sclerosis

Open to all applicants, also with severe pre-existing conditions

Premium Health Insurance

Up to 29 years € 69.62.
Between 29 and 34 years € 95.68 per month

€ 300 deductible

With scholarship:
Up to 29 years € 79.
Between 29 and 59 years € 129 per month.

Self-funded stay:
flat € 150

From 60 years € 620

No deductible

Flat € 190 per month.

Between € 182.25 and € 513,81 per month, depending on age

Premium nursing care insurance

Mandatory nursing care insurance, costs depending on age

Nursing care insurance not mandatory in every case – individual assessment

Nursing care insurance mandatory for stay >6 months

Mandatory nursing care insurance, costs depending on age

 Premium for spouse

Flat € 144,74 per month

Flat € 150 per month

Same as main person insured

Same as main person insured

 Premium for children

Flat € 144,74 per month

Flat € 99 per month

Flat € 139,- until the age of 18

Between € 182,25 and € 239,08 per month, depending on age

 Other factors

Liability and accident insurance can be added for € 6 per month

Liability-, accident-, luggage-, and assistance insurance can be added for € 6.60 per month

Doctoral candidates might also be eligible for the tariff 767D.

Price includes liability and accident insurance

Has to be concluded within 6 weeks after arrival in Germany

Especially suitable for

Young and healthy scholars with no or non-severe pre-existing conditions

Guest scientists, also without scholarship, without certain severe pre-existing conditions

Older scholars with certain severe pre-exisiting conditions

Ideal for scholars with severe pre-existing conditions


DeGiS - Care Concept



DeGiS - Hallesche



If you are unsure about which health insurance to conclude, please contact to the insurance companies directly to receive a detailed comparison.



*If you are an international guest scientist (researcher, scholar, doctoral candidate, post doctoral candidate - with scholarship or self-funded) with an employment contract in Germany, or if you have been covered by public health insurance from any European country in the past, you might be eligible for German public health insurance. All other guest scientists from outside the EU/EEA only have the option of taking out private health insurance in Germany.

**All content is of a general nature and cannot cover each individual case authoritatively. It is not necessarily complete, comprehensive or fully up to date. It does not constitute legally binding information and nor is it able to replace a consultation by a certified insurance broker.