Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Jena mbH


  • Accommodation
  • Career Development
  • Entry conditions/visas
  • Job opportunities
  • Recognition of diplomas
  • Taxation/salaries
  • Work permit

We can support you and your family in your initial orientation and when you arrive in Jena to help you quickly feel at home. We can provide you with comprehensive information about life in Jena and the opportunities here, and give you contacts for relevant advice offices and networks. We can consider your personal situation and answer any individual questions you may have about living and working in Jena.

Main focuses are:

  • visa, entry and residency
  • industries and companies in the region
  • jobsearch an application
  • recognition of professional qualifications
  • house hunting
  • care for children and family members
  • social integration
  • culture and leisure
  • professional development opportunities
  • language courses