«POST-DOCTORAL» Research Programme Funding Call 2021

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    Cyprus University of Technology
    Formal sciences
    Natural sciences
    Professions and applied sciences
    Social sciences
    Recognised Researcher (R2) (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent)
    Established Researcher (R3) (Researchers who have developed a level of independence)


The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) being committed to its mission for further promotion and strengthening of Research, Excellence and Innovation announces for the second time a Research Proposal Submission Process within the framework of the “POST-DOCTORAL” Programme.

The main objective of the Programme is the attraction and support of high quality post-doctoral scientists, able to work with high level of autonomy towards the production of significant research results. By implementing the «POST-DOCTORAL» internal research Programmes, creativity and innovation of new scientists is practically enhanced and their involvement in the development of new research activities is pursued. The appropriate prospects are thus formed for their scientific and professional development. In addition, the Programme is expected to contribute to the creation of new job opportunities for young researchers in cutting-edge areas.

Beneficiaries/ Coordinators

The Coordinator of the Internal Programme (Project Coordinator) must be a Post-doctoral Researcher. Each Research Proposal must have only one Coordinator and the Post-doctoral Researcher may submit and participate in only one Research Proposal. Upon approval of the Proposal, the Post-doctoral researcher must necessarily be physically present at CUT. Additionally, it is noted that no funding may be granted for a second time to an applicant who has already obtained funding under the “POST-DOCTORAL” Programme, before a period of no less than three (3) years. 

The full text of the Funding Call for Research Proposal Submission under the "POST-DOCTORAL" Programme is available in English. This includes the Funding Call procedure, the terms and conditions, the evaluation criteria and procedure, as well as other relevant information.

Research Proposals’ Submission

The interested applicants must fill-in the Research Proposal Submission Form in English, accompanied by all the necessary documents as defined in the Call for Research Proposal Submission, and send it to the following email address: irini.zanti@cut.ac.cy by Friday, 17/09/2021, the latest.

For further information and/or clarifications, please email irini.zanti@cut.ac.cy.



Post-Doctoral Call 2021 (5.28 MB) Research Proposal Form (86.84 KB)

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