research and teaching assistant at the Institute of Electromechanical Energy Conversion

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    28/09/2020 13:30 - Europe/Athens
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    Poland, Kraków
    Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kraków, 26 August 2020

Cracow University of Technology


research and teaching assistant at the Institute of Electromechanical Energy Conversion


Type of employment: full time

Number of available positions: 1

Type of employment contract: fixed-term contract

Represented scientific discipline: automatics, electronics, electrotechnics


1. Necessary requirements:

  • Must have completed tertiary course in disciplines such as electrotechnics or electronics,
  • Must have very good command of Polish and English languages,
  • Must have achievements in designing power electronic and drives projects,
  • Must have motivation for research and teaching.

2. Additional requirements:

  • it is advisable to have documented teaching experience,
  • possessing certificates of completed courses related to modern tools and software used in electrical engineering.

3. The scope of tasks performed as a research and teaching assistant

Position: Research and teaching assistant

Reports directly to: Head of the Division of Electrical Drives Automatic and Power Electronic

Organisational unit: Institute of Electromechanical Energy Conversion

The duties in the field of education and upbringing of students include in particular:

  • realisation of the teaching pensum, on the principles set out in the Work Regulations of the Cracow University of Technology, that is 240 hours during any academic year
  • consulting students' work progress
  • developing teaching materials for classes; conducting exams and credits
  • looking after graduates

The duties in the area of conducting scientific activity include in particular:

  • dissemination of scientific research results, in particular by publishing scientific articles and active participation in scientific conferences conducting or participating in scientific seminars
  • participation in the commercialization of research results
  • preparing applications for funding for scientific, research and development works
  • improving own professional qualifications in order to obtain further academic degrees and titles

4. Required documents:

  • application to the Rector of the Cracow University of Technology for employment as a research and teaching assistant
  • detailed CV (including the history of previous employment)
  • photocopies of documents certifying the completion of technical studies in the field of electrical engineering or power engineering
  • summary of scientific interests (cover letter)
  • certificate confirming the completion of a pedagogical course or a commitment to complete it
  • document confirming knowledge of English, and in the case of foreigners, document confirming knowledge of Polish
  • personal questionnaire

Employment will take place after the competition procedure consisting of:

  • analysis of submitted documentation;
  • interviewing

The required documents should be submitted to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology - Kraków, ul. Warszawska 24, room 203.

The folder with documents should include the note: This folder concerns the competition for the position of assistant in the group of research and teaching staff / dotyczy konkursu na stanowisko asystenta w grupie pracowników badawczo-dydaktycznych. Documents can also be sent in the form of scans to the e-mail address: e-0@pk.edu.pl.

The deadline for submitting documents is: 28.09.2020.

Deadline for the settlement of the competition: 06.10.2020.

Cracow University of Technology reserves the right to contact candidates whose applications have met the necessary requirements and have been rated highest by the Competition Commission. Information about the results of the competition will be published on the BIP PK and Ministry of Science and Higher Education website.

Submitted documents can be picked up at the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering from: 07/10/2020 - 09/10/2020.

Documents that are not retrieved within this period will be destroyed by a commission.


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