Senior Assistant at the Department of Media Systems

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    University of Warsaw
    Communication sciencesMedia studies
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    05/08/2020 12:00 - Europe/Athens
    Poland › Warszawa


The Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw announced

CALL FOR THE POSITION of SENIOR ASSISTANT (research and teaching) at the Department of Media Systems.

Mehr Information

Selection process

The competition results will be decided by the Faculty Competition Commission until August 30, 2020. The competition is the first stage of the employment procedure for an academic teacher specified in the UW Statute; its positive outcome is the basis for further proceedings.

Results of the competition will be announced via regular or electronic mail.

Additional comments

The documents shall be submitted in person, by traditional mail or by e-mail to the following e-mail address: wdib@uw.edu.pl (in the form of pdf files with the name and surname of the candidate, name of the position to which the application relates) until August 5, 2020 at the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw, ul. Bednarska 2/4 (room 0.18), opening hours: from 9.00 CET –12.00 CET.

Anforderungen für das Jobangebot

    Communication sciences: PhD or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Good


  1. doctoral degree in social sciences in the discipline of media studies/social communication and media studies,

  2. knowledge on media systems theories and practice (both at the national and local levels), media culture research and research methods (comparative media systems, quantitative and qualitative research),

  3. high teaching skills and experience in conducting classes with students for at least 5 years,

  4. fluent English and the ability to teach classes for foreign students,

  5. participation in scientific research projects and organizational skills (organization of conferences and events on a national and international scale),

among additional assets are international publications, internships abroad and participation in national and international scientific conferences.

Besondere Anforderungen

Required documents:


  1. application latter addressed to the Rector of the University of Warsaw,
  2. CV,
  3. information on scientific and teaching achievements (with list of publications),
  4. opinion of an independent researcher (dr hab.) with evaluation of research and teaching skills,
  5. filled personal questionnaire for the employment (to be downloaded from the Office of Staff Unit of the University of Warsaw: http://bsp.adm.uw.edu.pl/bsp/druki-i-formularze/)
  6. information on the processing of personal data and the consent clause (to be downloaded from University of Warsaw website: http://bsp.adm.uw.edu.pl/bsp/druki-i-formularze /),
  7. copy of the diploma,
  8. commitment to take up employment at the University of Warsaw as the main place of work (to be downloaded from the Office of Staff Unit of the University of Warsaw http://bsp.adm.uw.edu.pl/bsp/druki-i-formularze/),
  9. declaration confirming that the candidate has read and accepted the rules of competition for the position of an academic teacher https://www.wdib.uw.edu.pl/wydzial/ogloszenia/ogloszenia-dziekana),


Information clause and forms for download are available at: http://bsp.adm.uw.edu.pl/bsp/druki-i-formularze/

1 position(s) available at
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies
Bednarska 2/4

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