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The position is based at the Department of Experimental Medical Science, Immunology Unit.

Work duties
The work duties primarily consist of independent, advanced research within basal immunology and supervision of Master’s and PhD students, but also participation in teaching in first- and second-cycle education. First- and second-cycle teaching duties also include course development and definition of learning outcomes.

Basal immunology means that the applicant is expected to have a broad understanding of the key cellular and molecular mechanisms within the whole subject of immunology. Examples of such basal and key mechanisms include mechanisms for the establishment of immune tolerance, interactions between innate and adaptive immune defences, regulation of immune responses and the development of the immune system including an evolutionary perspective.

Applicants should also be open to interactions with both clinically active researchers and local industry. Given the significant interest in the subject, it is also expected that applicants are able to establish and maintain both international and national collaborations.

Additional work duties may also be included.

A person qualified for appointment as a professor is to have demonstrated both research and teaching expertise (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 4 section 3).

The successful applicant is to have completed at least five weeks of training in teaching and learning in higher education or have acquired equivalent knowledge by other means, unless there are valid reasons.

Assessment criteria
The applicant is to have demonstrated research and teaching expertise as well as leadership and an ability to cooperate.

Special consideration will be given to research expertise. The applicant is to have demonstrated research expertise by having a good national and international standing as a researcher and by having received research funding as the principal applicant in national or international competition. The applicant is to have a very good ability to cooperate and documented expertise in creating/developing research networks.

In addition, the applicant is to have demonstrated teaching expertise in both teaching and supervision in first-, second- and third-cycle education.

Furthermore, applicants are to be able to demonstrate the expertise required to carry out the aforementioned work duties. Research is to be documented through publications in several different areas of basal immunology, as well as being described in the attached project description. With regard to education, documented teaching experience of the whole subject of immunology in first-, second- and third-cycle education is key. Experience of general course directorship will be considered to be a particular qualification. With regard to first- and second-cycle education, it is especially important that applicants have a deep and fundamental understanding of the development and function of the immune system as a whole rather than of the isolated application of an immunological principle.

The successful applicant is expected to have sufficient proficiency in Swedish (or another Scandinavian language) within a three-year period in order to teach in first- and second-cycle education and participate in the University’s administrative work and various organisational bodies.

For teaching staff at Lund University there is a general qualification requirement to be suitable for the post and in other respects possess the abilities required to perform the duties well. In addition to the Higher Education Ordinance, the following apply to the appointments of teaching staff: Lund University Appointment Rules and the Faculty of Medicine’s general requirements profile and assessment criteria for the appointment of a senior lecturer: http://www.med.lu.se/recruitment_process

The appointment is made following a proposal from the Faculty of Medicine’s Academic Appointments Board.

Further information s available from: Dean Erik Renström tel: +46 46-222 80 84
email: https://lu.varbi.com/center/tool/position/295303/edit/tab:2/checklist:Pr...

or Head of Department Madeleine Durbeej Hjalt tel: +46 73 640 72 63
email: https://lu.varbi.com/center/tool/position/295303/edit/tab:2/checklist:Pr...

Information about the application process:
Head of the recruitment, salary and HR support office Kajsa Johnsson
tel: +46 46 222 08 22, email: https://lu.varbi.com/center/tool/position/295303/edit/tab:2/checklist:Pr...

Application procedure
Applications are to be made electronically via Lund University’s applications portal by 13 of Augsut 2020.

Applications are to be submitted in accordance with the Faculty of Medicine’s guidelines for academic appointments (see http://www.med.lu.se/recruitment_processhttp://www.med.lu.se/recruitment... the headings List of qualifications for lecturers and and Create a CV).

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