Two PhD scholarships in project NCN OPUS 16 "Perovskite Photovoltaics Under Pressure"

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    Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
    Formal sciences
    First Stage Researcher (R1) (Up to the point of PhD)


Title of the project: "Influence of pressure on the structural and optical properties of perovskites for fotovoltaic and optoelectronic applications"

Principal Investigator: Prof. Marek Szafrański

The main objective of this research project is to study all aspects of high pressure influence on the structure and physical properties of perovskite materials applicable in solar cells and other optoelectronic devices. We are planning to perform high-pressure experiments for hybrid organic-inorganic metal halides as well as for all-inorganic compounds, which presently belong to the hottest topics in solid-state physics, chemistry and materials science. High pressure is a very efficient and clean way of the crystal structure modifications without any chemical interference. By employing X-ray diffraction on single-crystals squeezed in diamond-anvil cell we expect to obtain precise information on the changes of structural parameters induced by pressure. This data will be correlated with pressure-dependent variations of spectroscopic properties, relevant to the photovoltaic and other optoelectronic parameters.


1. Participation in the synthesis and growing of perovskite materials

2. Single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction experiments in a diamond anvil cell

3. Spectroscopic experiments (UV-VIS-NIR) under pressure

4. Participation in the data analysis, preparation of publications and conference presentations

What is funded

Two PhD scholarships

Required documents:

1. Motivation letter including preliminary proposal of the research project.

2. CV with documented scientific and other achievements.

3. Copy of MSc diploma with the Diploma Supplement (in the case of two-cycle programs - from first-cycle and   second-cycle programs).

4. A letter of recommendation from an academic supervisor.

Application procedure: Please send your application to: masza@amu.edu.pl

Please include in the application the statement:

“ I hereby agree to process and store my personal data by the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań for recruitment purposes".

Selected candidates will be invited to the interview - the date will be communicated individually.



3 years

Deadline: January 31, 2020

Position starts: as soon as possible

Duration: 3 years

Stipend: 4000 PLN per month (tax-free)


Eligible countries: EU and overseas participants are eligible

Admissible Criteria:

1. MSc degree (or equivalent) in physics, chemistry, materials science or related fields

2. Good background in physical chemistry and crystallography (velcome)

3. Good oral and writing communication in English

4. Participation in a PhD degree program in Physics at Adam Mickiewicz University

5. High motivation to perform experimental studies


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