Nuclear mRNP Formation

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    21/03/2018 17:00 - Europe/Athens
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Nuclear mRNP formation is the binding of nuclear mRNA-binding proteins (RBPs) to the mRNA, which largely occurs already co-transcriptional. By this process the mRNA is packaged into an mRNP. Binding of these RBPs to the mRNA is necessary for stability of the mRNA, nuclear mRNA export and even cytoplasmic events such as mRNA translation and degradation. Thus, nuclear mRNP formation is an essential step of gene expression. The aim of the Ph.D. thesis offered here is to elucidate how specific nuclear RBPs bind to the mRNA and thus contribute to nuclear mRNP formation and the control of gene expression. The main experimental system is the model organism S. cerevisiae, which offers a plethora of fast and advanced methods, and cell culture systems.

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