Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


  • Access to the culture of the host country/language courses
  • Accommodation
  • Banking
  • Day care, schooling & family related issues
  • Departure conditions/formalities
  • Entry conditions/visas
  • Health insurance
  • Medical care
  • Pension rights
  • Work permit


The International Scholar Services (ISS) support researchers and PhD candidates from abroad and help them settle in to university and city life.


International Scholar Services would like to ensure that our international guests' time at Humboldt-Universität and in Berlin gets off to a good start. We help them to take care of all the important non-academic affairs that they will face before their arrival and in the first few weeks after the scholars have arrived. We support during their stay and also advise them on what you need to do before they leave Berlin.



+49 30 2093 20096