Continuing Education

Do you want to expand your skills beyond your scientific field?

In addition to mastery of their subject area, researchers are increasingly expected to acquire management, communication, project coordination, and other related skills. Many universities have responded to this new need by establishing "career centres" which offer pertinent courses. Apart from that, many commercial providers specialise in continuing education for researchers. Universities now also offer numerous courses on didactics in higher education.

Continuing education at institutions of higher education
Introduction into the area of continuing education providing institutions of higher education with an opportunity to develop programmes which are interesting and useful for both industry and science.
Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Centres for continuing education
Complete overview of continuing education opportunities at German universities
German Rectors' Conference

Wiss WB-Portal
This portal allows you to search for further academic training opportunities using a further training database and an editorial information service developed in cooperation with the educational providers (universities).

Deutsche Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung und Fernstudium e.V.
Overview about establishments offering continuing education courses at German universities and research institutions

International DAAD Academy
Training seminars for junior researchers in inter-cultural communication and presentation techniques at international conferences
DAAD Akademie

Careers and appointments - seminars and coaching
Seminars and coaching on planning a career in research, appointment procedures, and daily life at the university
German Association of University Professors and Lecturers

This nationwide platform for institutes of higher education didactics includes all those interested and involved in funding higher education didactics at universities, such as higher education didactics networks, initiatives and actors, higher education didactics associations as well as projects for the reform of academia and schemes for innovation in higher education didactics.

GSO workshops "Fit for Germany"
Training seminars on current professional perspectives in Germany and developing personal career and application strategies
German Scholars Organization

Helmholtz Management Academy
This programme for junior managers offers comprehensive training in the principles, tasks and tools of effective leadership. Those participating are supervised in the context of a mentoring programme by top-rank mentors from research and industry. In terms of content, there are close links to the programme for higher and top management staff which promotes an integrated concept of management and leadership at all levels of the Helmholtz Association.

Fraunhofer Technology Academy
Education opportunties for specialists and managers
Fraunhofer Academy

Interdisciplinary Junior Professional Management Programme (JPM)
Compact seminars and individual mentoring on questions of reconciling research duties and management tasks for outstanding researchers in the fields of natural science, humanities, social studies, and engineering
Centre for Science and Research Management Speyer

Workshop series "Leading junior research groups"
Training programme offered by the Centre for Training and Research Management Speyer in cooperation with the German Research Foundation (DFG) for junior research group leaders in the fields of natural sciences or humanities. (pdf)
Centre for Science and Research Management Speyer

Young Leaders in Science
This pilot project by the Ernst Schering Foundation offers seminars in personnel management, financial responsibility, and communication and management skills to actively foster the academic careers of junior researchers in leadership positions.
Ernst Schering Foundation
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